A Shoreditch Valentine's Day

The good people of East London have taken it upon themselves to put a twist on what most single's would say is already a pretty twisted day: Valentine's Day. Whether you classify it as stupid's day or cupid's day, Shoreditch and the surrounding area call upon you to at least celebrate a love of fun and food!

Itchy Feet Vintage Dance Night @ Concrete


The event without a venue, Itchy Feet is a dance collective that travels from scene to scene to spread the musical love - swing, jazz, rock’n'roll, soul and ska style. 

This Valentine’s Day will see Mr Itchy Feet himself, Leo Bedford will go head to head with renowned DJ, Mr Aldo Vanucci. Going head-to-head on the decks, the night is set to give both glad-ragged lovers and singletons a tushy-bumping way to celebrate or commiserate the occasion. Buy tickets here and head down to 56 Shoreditch High Street on the 14th to jump, jive and wail away from 10pm to 2am. 

Grub Club’s Italian Seven Course Feast @ Secret Location near Victoria Park Road


What better way to celebrate the night for lovers than feeling more stuffed than a ravioli?

With seven courses - nobody does Valentine’s feasts like the Italians who not only know how to eat and love but how to do them simultaneously. The night promises copious amounts of salivation worthy seafood with dishes such as Mango Scallops and Artisanal Smoked Salmon Gnocchi. All prepared by Italian rosette chef Quinto Quarto, who has previously graced the kitchens of Jamie Oliver and Marco Pierre White. Set your place at the table here

Voodoo Your Ex @ BOXPARK


Just been through a break up and wish you could inflict pain on your ex-other-half? BOXPARK gives you just that opportunity with its opening Valentines event ‘Voodoo Your Ex!’ 

Based on the more traditional notion of Valentine’s Day as a celebration of the violent death of St Valentine (beaten with clubs and then beheaded by the Romans), simply send in £19.99 and a photo of your un-beloved and pop-up shop ‘A Curious Invitation’ will send back the custom designed pin-cushion doll to your doorstep. Alternatively you can drop in to the container until 9th February where, as well as custom dolls, a selection of romantic items in the like of skulls and taxidermy will be on sale from Hackney’s ‘The Last Tuesday Society’. 

It’s Ghana Be Lovely @ Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen


Warming hearts quite literally, Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen at 56 Dace Road in Hackney Wick is a pop-up restaurant that serves up hot spicy Ghanaian food to cold blooded Londoners. With a look and feel inspired by the founder’s African roots, ZGK’s flavoursome cuisine is equally home spun but with an upmarket haute twist that will have both taste buds and bellies imploring for more. 

The 14th of this month will see a three course BYOB Valentine's Banquet laid out to attendees, who are welcomed with a Scotch Bonnet Belle ale or some other intriguing ZGK house beer. A love nest with limited seating, ticket holders can flock to a spread of Sub-Saharan culinary delights including the likes of Grilled White Aubergine Salad with Chili and Garlic as a starter, Spicy Sardine Stew with Maize Dough Dumplings for a main, Sweet Fried Plantain for a side, Banoffee Pie to finish on a sweet note and a hot drink to drain it all down. With vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian and meaty options, ZGK ensures everybody will feel the love.

Last Night a Speed Date Changed My Life @ Juno


Dreading another lonely Valentines Day? Heighten your chances to nab a special someone on the big day with Juno’s Shoreditch style speed dating.

Boasted as the go-to date night for creative singles in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties the basement dating event brings a hipster edge to the noughties dating fad. Whether or not you find the right moustache-wielding or bowler-hat-wearing partner-to-be, a night of friendly fun is certain to be on the cards with the chance to meet an eclectic bunch of interesting characters at the least. 14th February, 7pm. Entry is £10. 

Shellfish Shack @ Studio Gi 


Get down and dirty, with your fingers, at the Shellfish Shack which is popping up near London Fields at Studio Gi this time. Aphrodisiacs like seafood have been known to trigger the release of sensual hormones so look out for couples playing footsy under the table, as this oceanic pop-up stall transforms into seduction-central on the 14th of February this year. 

PDAs aside, there’s nothing vomit worthy at the Shellfish Shack, which offers shellfish lovers the freshest and finest of seafood handpicked from Billingsgate Market every morning at 4am. Those with entry get to dip right in and choose five from a selection of creatively seasoned dishes featuring star stopping ingredients likes of soft shell crab, lobster burger, scallops, squid, baked oysters, mussels and much much more. Have a fingerlicking Valentine’s Day.