Admit oneself to The Shoreditch Zoo


The Shoreditch Zoo is part advertising campaign, part art project — a wonkily appropriate celebration and social commentary of the Zoo-like culture and people of Shoreditch here in the 21st century.

This neighbourhood has been on the sharp end of some big history; Shakespeare had his first theatre here, in Victorian times it was the place for bawdy music hall entertainment, and more much of the last century the rest of London tried to ignore it's existence. Yet Shoreditch now thrives like few other neighbouhoods anywhere on the globe.  

Before we go further, please don't read this as the sound of us blowing our own trumpet, we're not into that kind of carry on. It's a fact that we own a good deal of the land and buildings around these parts and we're honestly driven to acquire and let buildings to people who need good, affordable spaces to work.  

Of late 21st century Shoreditch has been rebranded 'Silicon' this and 'tech-city' that, so we came to thinking that we should put some effort to telling the world who we are and what we offer. Simply so that people know who to come to when they want affordable, flexible, no-fuss work space somewhere in or near the 'ditch.

To advertise ourselves it would have been easy for us start waffling on about 'stunning properties', 'unique work spaces' and such but that manner of selling isn't us. So we commissioned local artists Le Gun to draw a set of three illustrations full of the wild and wonderful people of the Shoreditch, in all their creative (and sometimes a bit odd) glory. 

We sincerely hope that you enjoy The Shoreditch Zoo campaign and remember that if you're in need of workspace in Shoreditch we're the people to get in touch with.