ContainerVille Competition Winner


Last Thursday a bunch of really interesting people got together at ContainerVille for a very good reason - the announcement of the winner of the short film competition to win a container for a year rent free.

The winner was the brilliant music/art/geek crossover that is 'Music Hackspace' who are going to be using their Container to run weekly seminars, workshops, code meet-ups as well as some less cool but just as important things - storing equipment and developing their business.

We at the Estate Office Shoreditch are really happy to give a home to these true innovators but have to say how hard it was to separate the winners from the rest of the entrants. We saw many good films for great small firms who all deserve praise and success. To all the competition entrants we wish you well and hope you've made a few friends and contacts along the way.

If you've not seen all the films yet then get over to the ContainerVille facebook page and fill your boots with the inspiring, the homemade and the rough-cut.