ContainerVille in the Headlines

The upcycling of industrial spaces isn’t just a trend in East London, it’s a method of conserving the area’s heritage of hard graft and of weaving local businesses into the urban fibre. This sentiment echoed in Cambridge Heath last summer, when a block of shipping containers was installed alongside the Regent’s Canal not with the intention of offloading cargo but with the aspiration of providing repurposed work spaces to local arts/tech creatives looking to start up. Since the first tenant moved in back in mid 2014, word has ricocheted through the blogosphere, into a few short films and found its way into both electronic and paper world of news. Here's a quick roundup with some of the highlights of ContainerVille in the headlines:


Early on, influential publishers and consultants PSFK picked up on the video competition and winners Music Hackspace in their blog, while the far more local but just as well connected Dalstonist spec’d out ContainerVille for to-be-tenants, as did TechCrunch who did a short film {above} on the 'plug and play' environment "close to the key tech startup cluster of East London." 

Before that, back in June, Design Week wrote in praise of the choice to go down an unconventional branding route taken, in the form of idiosyncratic imagery by Le Gun and design consultancy by OneAnother. It particularly noted the stylised ode towards the locale, stating how "The identity shows a number of characters inspired by to the location’s inhabitants, including a Canada goose with an afro, a smoking swan and a dog in a Milton Glaser I Heart New York-esque slogan T-shirt", and how "The word mark is inspired by narrow boat signage, as a nod to the development’s canal-side location."

As time went on and tenants became more established, the offices began to pop up more in hard copy. Featured in The Evening Standard's ES magazine both online and in print, and we really enjoyed the wordplay of this piece, titled: "Think inside the box: why shipping containers make the perfect place to launch a business". Inferring the community spirit of ContainerVille from the get-go, the article described an "ecosystem, not an office” and we were happy to read that tenants WovenGround and Container21 agreed with that feeling. CEO of the latter, Patrick, went on to express that “Having this concentration of start-ups in a compact development is engaging and new.” 

Most recently, Onur Sen of So Fresh Cakes in Unit 1 reiterated the fresh-faced yet hot-heeled outlook of the largely millennial community at ContainerVille; “My neighbours are very nice, it’s great fun here. We are all young but passionate,” speaking to the Metro for a story published just last Friday. In summary, the reports are genuinely positive, reflecting the attitude of East London’s upcoming creative workforce. Here's to the future!