How much work space do I need?

As a general rule of thumb, for the type and size of business that tends to occupy our buildings, you should allow 150 sq ft (14 sq m) for the first person and 100 sq ft (9.2 sq m) for each subsequent person.

This assumes that you don’t need large meeting rooms, storage areas, kitchens, bathrooms or showers, and that most people in your company are working at a standard desk. Here’s an at-a-glance reckoner for up to 20 people:

2 people              250 sq ft  (23.2 sq m)
3 people              350 sq ft  (42 sq m)
5 people              550 sq ft (51 sq m)
10 people            1050 sq ft (97.5 sq m)
15 people            1550 sq ft (144 sq m)
20 people            2050 sq ft (190 sq m)